St. Stans AC

Athletic Club

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St Stan’s AC

The St. Stans AC sponsors a variety of youth sports programs. Youth programs promoted by the AC  include T-Ball, 4-Pitch, Softball and Football.

The St. Stans Athletic Club sponsors All Saints Middle School, All Saints High School and city league sports programs.

In addition, the club provides sponsorship to a number of adult athletic programs including mens, womens, and senior golf leagues as well as men’s basketball and blooper ball leagues.

The annual Polish Festival is the major fund-rasing activity of the club. Profits earned from the event are used to continue the sponsorship endeavors of the club and promote the St. Stans parish.

2013 St. Stanislaus A.C. Executive Board

          President: Ron Jablonski - 989-233-5107; Vice President: Mike Houlihan; Treasurer: Terry Avery; 
Secretary: Tim Piechowiak; Recording Secretary: Joel Goik

2013 St. Stanislaus A.C. Board

Scott Chislea, Kevin Claerhout, Terry Gehrman, Mike Goik, Pete Jablonski, Brian Murphy, Jimmy Rezmer, Scott Schoerner, Dave Sharrow, Mark Suchodolski, Dave Tomaszerski, AJ Simon, Steven Schweinsberg, Dave Gatza, Jeff Hahn, Mike Nowak, Brian Phillips, Mike Wagner, Doug DeWyse

Fr. Rick Filary

2011 AC Board Members

Front row sitting from left to right: Tim Piechowiak,

Terry Avery, Mike Houlihan, Terry Gehrman, Ron Jablonski

Back row standing left to right: Mike Wagner, Brian Murphy, Scott Chislea,

Joel Goik, Mike Nowak, Mike Goik, Kevin Claerhout, Dave Gatza, Brian Phillips

Missing: Charlie Peckham, Jimmy Rezmer,

Steve Schweinsberg & Jeff Hahn


2011 AC Executive Board

From left to right:
Tim Piechowiak - Financial Secretary,

Terry Avery - Treasurer, Mike Houlihan - President

Terry Gehrman - Vice President,

Ron Jablonski - Recording Secretary


2013 St. Stan's AC  Committee Assignments

Spiritual Director - Fr. Rick Filary
Complex Supervisor - Ron and Terry A. 
Advocate - Tom Borkowski Jr. 
Building/Field Maintenance - Ron, Terry A, Pete, Scott C, Larry S, Dale Z, Kevin
Financial Audit - Terry G, Dave S, Mike G, Brian M, Mike H, Terry A
Football A. C. Board of Control  - Thursday-Friday-Saturday 
Newsletter - Joel 
Planning Committee/Executive Board of Control - Special Projects 
Sargent at Arms - Terry G, Scott C, Kevin 
Membership - Mike H 
Tables and Chairs - Ron and Terry A 
Youth Sports Director - Scott Schoerner 
T-Ball - Dave S and Mark S and AC Board of Control 
4-Pitch - Joel and Terry G and AC Board of Control 
Scholarships - AJ and Mike H


2013 Festival Assignments
Office - Tim, Terry A
Polish Food - Kevin, Scott C
Main Kitchen - Steve DaveT DaveS
Bingo - Brian
Main Raffle/Wheelbarrow - Mike H
Admissions - AJ
Ticket Sales - Joel
Tent Fryer - Pete,  Mike G
Wine Coolers - Mark
Beer trailers - Terry G
Casino - Scott S, Jimmy