St. Stans AC

Athletic Club

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Parish Thank You


Saint Stanislaus Kostka Parish,
1503 Kosciuszko Avenue, Bay City, MI 48708-4107 (989) 893-6421

January 2012

Dear St. Stanislaus Athletic Club Members,

Once again it is time for this annual event of yours. As you know, this year marks the 74th annual time you have held this banquet. This in and of itself is a worthy milestone. Even more so perhaps is the fact you were “organized at Pulaski Hall, Bay City, Michigan on the 14th day of December, 1937, and with this calendar year of 2012, you have entered into your 75th or Diamond Jubilee Year. On behalf of the parish I express sincere words of “Congratulations” to all who have been and are a part of this organization, the St. Stanislaus Athletic Club! Sto lat!

During these past many years your time and talent and your many fundraising efforts resulting in the sharing of your treasure have helped many people of the parish, our Catholic schools, and the community to enjoy athletic activities. On behalf of all who have benefited I express sincere words of “Thanks” to all who have been and are a part of this organization and have made this participation possible.


For many years your organization has provided yearly financial support to the parish family. That support has been reflective of the fact “the strength of the St. Stan’s AC has always been its roots in the parish and its commitment to serve all people of the parish, not just its own members.” Again, I must express on behalf of the parish family sincere words of “Thanks” for the financial support and especially so in these past few years when our economy has challenged us all.

Lastly, I write as pastor to remind all of us about the connection between faith and sports or athletics. Many years ago Pope Pius XII expressed that sports or athletics remains at the service of the Spirit. Pope John Paul II was known for his athleticism and support of sports and athletic activity. He promoted the notion that “sports played within a Christian outlook” will help to develop “human relations and the building of a more serene and supportive world.” The present Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, has also spoken on the function of sports as a “vehicle for important human and spiritual values.”

May your annual banquet be a means of celebrating all your organization has done. May your annual banquet also be a means to further your support of athletic endeavors knowing the spiritual good this can help to accomplish. To this end, may God’s blessings be upon you and yours.


Fr. Richard M. Filary